Will Prakash Raj float a new Artistes Association?


Well known actor Prakash Raj who lost the MAA (Movie Artistes Association) elections on Sunday is likely to float a new Artistes Association. Though Prakash Raj has not confirmed the news, sources, say that the actor might launch a new Artistes Association called ATMAA (All Telugu Movie Artistes Association).

Immediately after losing the Presidential elections against Vishnu Manchu, Prakash Raj resigned from the Primary membership of the Association saying that he has resigned because of self-respect.

Naga Babu, Brother of Chiranjeevi who supported Prakash Raj in a big way also resigned from the Primary membership due to various reasons. Not only Prakash Raj, others members of the Syndicate including Meka Srikanth who had won the elections also resigned from their posts.

Prakash Raj hinted through a Tweet that he will take a step which everybody will be proud of.  ‘There is a deeper meaning behind my resignation to MAA. We as a team know we are responsible towards the love and support you all have extended to us. We will never let you all down. Will explain very soon. You will be proud of us’ tweeted the actor.

Though Prakash Raj has not divulged any details about his next step, there are speculations that the actor might float a new Association called ATMAA. The new Association will definitely be a competitor for the existing MAA. More details about the new Association are yet to be divulged. Prakash Raj is likely to hold a press conference regarding this soon.

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