Villains are the main reasons for our success says Ravichandran

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Sandalwood’s ‘Crazy Star’ Ravichandran has said that without villains and character artists, no one can become a hero and they are the main reason for the success of the heroes.

The actor-director was speaking during the teaser launch of Vinod Prabhakar’s latest film ‘Lankasura’. Ravichandran came over as the chief guest and released the teaser. He fondly remembered Vinod’s father, the late Tiger Prabhakar in his speech.

‘It’s been many years since I met Vinod. I had launched his first film ‘Dil’. After that I couldn’t meet him much. Recently, he came and invited me for the launch. I came here because of his father Prabhakar. I didn’t do films without prabhakar. I used to sit on his lap. He taught me how to fight. He came as a junior artist to Kannada film industry and went on to become an actor, director and producer. My father was very fond of him. My father wanted him to launch as a hero in ‘Khadeema Kallaru’. However, ‘Jiddu’ started at the same time and he became hero with that film. Prabhakar was the principal of my ‘Prema Loka’. He was a very soft man. He was the first villain in Kannada audience to get claps and whistles from the audience’ remembered Ravichandran.

The actor said that all villains’ sons must become heroes. ‘These villains made us heroes. Without villains and character artists, no one can become a hero. They are the main reason for our success. Today many of the sons of the actors who played negative characters have become heroes. I am very happy for them’ said Ravichandran.

‘Lankasura’ stars Vinod Prabhakar and Yogi of ‘Loose Madha’ for the very first time. Parvathi Arun, Devaraj, Ravishankar and others play prominent roles in the film. Pramod Kumar has scripted the film apart from directing it. The film is being produced by Vinod’s wife Nisha under Tiger Talkies.

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