There is lot of similarities between Yash and Rocky says Prashanth

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The most anticipated movie of the year, ‘KGF 2’ starring Yash has been released. Director Prashanth Neel who has been closely observing Yash over the last eight years has said that there is lot of similarities between Yash and the character he has played in the film.

Yash plays the role of Rocky in ‘KGF 2’ and it is the story of a boy from Mumbai to the fierce world of Narachi. Prashanth had earlier said that Yash has helped him a lot and the 90 percent of the dialogues of Rocky are written by Yash.

Speaking about this, ‘I know Yash gets irritated if I talk about his contribution to the film. I am not saying this just to applaud him. Most of the dialogues of Rocky are written by him. There are lot of similarities between the actor and the character and the dialogues have come out of his life experiences. Yash used to say what the character would think at that point of time. There are not only punches in those dialogues, but lot of experiences. It is the dialogues of Yash, but from Rocky’s side. It has worked really well’ says Neel.

When questioned about whether he will continue the franchise or not, the actor says, ‘‘KGF’ definitely has a franchise value like the ‘Avengers’. We can’t rule out the possibility, but everything depends upon the success of ‘KGF 2’’ said Prashanth Neel.

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