The prelude to war begins now … Prem join hands with Dhruva


Well known director Prem has recently completed the shooting of his latest film ‘Ek Love Ya’ starring Rana and Reeshma Nanaiah in lead roles. The director had said that he would be announcing his new film shortly.

Just when Prem said that he would be announcing a new film, speculations started that who would lead the film. Darshan, Sudeep and Dhruva’s names cropped up and now Prem has officially announced that Dhruva will be acting in the film to be produced by KVN Productions.

Prem took to twitter to announce his latest collaboration with Dhruva on Tuesday afternoon. ‘The prelude to the war begins now, Shower us with your love and support like you always do’ tweeted Prem.

Though the film has been announced, it will be launched only next year, once Dhruva completes ‘Martin’ directed by A P Arjun. As of now, Prem who has finished the scripting of the film will focus on the post-production activities of ‘Ek Love Ya’. Prem intends to release ‘Ek Love Ya’ and plans to move with Dhruva’s film.

The film is expected to be a PAN-Indian one and will be releasing in multiple languages. The title is expected to be revealed shortly.

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