Srini to start ‘Birbal 2’ after the completion of ‘Ghost’

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Actor-director RJ Srini is busy with the pre-production work of his forthcoming film ‘Ghost’ starring Shivarajkumar. Meanwhile, he has announced the second part of his hit film ‘Birbal’.

Srini had announced that he has plans of making ‘Birbal’ a Trilogy even before the launch of the first part itself. ‘Birbal 1 – Finding Vajramuni’ was released in 2019 and the film on to be a critically acclaimed hit. However, Srini could not launch the second part of the film as he started another film ‘Old Monk’ which was released earlier this year.

Now Srini wants to continue the ‘Birbal’ series and has announced the second part of the series called ‘Avaran Bitt Ivaran Bitt Avaryaru’. Srini celebrated his birthday on Saturday and on this occasion he has not only announced the film, but has also released the first poster of the film.

Srini says ‘Birbal 2’ is a film, which he is been asked much about. ‘‘Birbal 1’ was much appreciated by all and there were a lot of enquiries about the film. Many asked me when I am planning to start the film. As I got busy with other projects, I couldn’t take up ‘Birbal 2’ and now I am planning to start the shooting after the completion of Shivarajkumar’s ‘Ghost’. The film will start and release in 2023’ says Srini.

‘Birbal 1 – Finding Vajramuni’ was a mystery thriller and the film was even remade in Telugu. The film starred Srini, Rukmini Vasanth, Madhusudhan Rao, Sujay Shastry and others in prominent roles.

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