Sharan plays a guest role in Chikkanna’s ‘Upadhyaksha’

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There were assumptions that actor Sharan might play a cameo in Chikkanna starrer ‘Upadhyaksha’ which is a sequel to his super hit film ‘Adhyaksha’. But the team had not responded positively. Now the teaser of the film has been released and Sharan is indeed seen in a guest role in the film.

Sharan is once again seen as ‘Adhyaksha’ in the film and comes to the rescue of ‘Upadhyaksha’ Chikkanna who is in danger in this film. Sharan is seen in a fight along with a few sequences.

This is the first time that Sharan is seen in a guest role after turning hero in ‘Rambo’ about a decade ago. Sharan has been doing lead roles all this while and is said to be seen in a guest role in the film because of his friendship with Chikkanna, who is seen as a sidekick in many of his films.

The sequel starts from where the original ends. ‘Upadhyaksha’ stars Ravishankar, Tabla Nani, Sadhu Kokila, Karisubbu, Dharmanna, Malaika and others in prominent roles. The film is being produced by Umapathi Srinivas Gowda of ‘Robert’ and ‘Madagaja’ fame and is directed by Anil Kumar.

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