Sathish Neenasam’s ‘Godhra’ renamed as ‘Dear Vikram’

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Sathish Neenasam starrer ‘Godhra’ which was launched almost five years back is all set to release soon, but with a new title. The film has been named as ‘Dear Vikram’.

The film was almost completed before the Covid except for a song. The film was finally completed last year and the Regional Board of Film Certification watched the film and advised for a title change.

‘Dear Vikram’ follows the lives of Vikram, a journalism student who falls in love with Nithya, an idealist who firmly believes in the importance of education. This Kannada film boasts of a multi-narrative plot that connects many individuals who bring in a political undertone as the story unfolds.

Sathish Neenasam says the film has nothing to do with any real place or incident but tells the story of contemporary Karnataka. ‘In order to reach the film to wider audience, the film has been titled as ‘Dear Vikram’ says Sathish.

‘Dear Vikram’ stars Sathish Neenasam along with Shraddha Srinath, Vasistha Simha, Sonu Gowda and Achyuth Kumar in key roles. The film is produced by Jacob Verghese and directed by debutante filmmaker K S Nandeesh.

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