Why did Sadhu Kokila replace Srujan Lokesh in ‘Gichchi Giligili’?

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Small screen viewers were surprised on Saturday night while watching ‘Gichchi Giligili’ in Colors Kannada. Srujan Lokesh who was one of the judge of the show has been replaced by Sadhu Kokila.

‘Gichchi Giligili’ was launched a few weeks back and Srujan Lokesh along with Shruthi were the judges of the show. Now Srujan is being replaced by senior actor-music director.

The real reason behind the replacement is Srujan will be judging another the second season of ‘Raja Rani’ for the same channel. Srujan is also the producer of ‘Raja Rani 2’ and ‘Gichchi Giligili’. To avoid the clash and confusion, he has handed over the responsibilities of juding ‘Gichchi Giligili’ to Sadhu Kokila.

‘Gichchi-Giligili’ is a first of its kind experiment in entertainment genre, which features actors compete with people from different walks of life. 10 non-actors from different background including sports, IT, journalism and others are joining hands with 10 actors from ‘Majaa Bharatha’. N C Aiyappa, former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Niveditha Gowda, journalist Divya Vasantha, playback singer ‘Jogi’ Sunitha, Youtuber Ananya Amar and others along with 10 artists from ‘Majaa Bhaaratha’ are feature in the show.

Earlier, ‘Bigg Boss – Season 8’ winner Manju Pavagada and popular cricket presenter Reena D’Souza were hosting the show. Now popular anchor Niranjan Deshpande has replaced them.

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