Rishab’s new film is all about the struggle of assistant directors

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After last year’s ‘Hero’, Rishab Shetty is back with a new film called ‘Harikathe Alla Girikathe’. The film which tells the struggle of assistant directors in film industry is all set to release on the 23rd of June.

Meanwhile, a new song called ‘Junior Monalisa’ from the film was recently released by senior director and lyricist Yogaraj Bhatt. The song is written by Trilok Trivikrama and composed and sung by Vasuki Vaibhav.

Yogaraj Bhatt has not only penned a song for this film, but also is seen in the role of a director in this film. Bhatt wished the team of the film a huge success.

Rishab Shetty said it is a story about the life of a filmmaker. ‘So, we decided to release the song from Yogaraj Bhatt. Veteran actor Honnavalli Krishna who has a lot of experience in the film industry is seen as my father in this film. He was also an assistant director once upon a time and couldn’t direct any film, even though he has acted in one thousand films.

‘Harikathe Alla Girikathe’ is directed by Karan Ananth and Aniruddh Mahesh jointly. Rachana Inder and Tapaswini Ponnacha are the heroines of the film. Sandesh of Sandesh Productions has produced the film.

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