Review: ‘Sugarless’ is a love story which is not very sweet

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Film: Sugarless

Producer: Shashidhar K M

Director: Shashidhar K M

Starring: Prithvi Amber, Priyanka Thimmesh, Dattanna, Dhamanna, S Narayan and others

Stars: 2.5

Prithvi Amber is back with yet another film just after a week of ‘Bhairagee’ release. This time this is n comic entertainer with Diabetes being the centre of attraction. As no film on diabetes is made in Indian cinema, ‘Sugarless’ boasts of being made on a sensitive subject.

‘Sugarless’ tells the story of a youth called Venkatesh, who is carefree. He is an orphan who stays with his friends. Venkatesh falls in love with his collegue Mahalakshmi (Priyanka Thimmesh) at first sight and tries to woo her. Slowly, Mahalakshmi also falls in love with him and they both decide to get married. Just before the marriage, Venkatesh learns that he has a silent killer disease called Diabetes. What happens next forms the crux of the film.

As told earlier, no film maker has tried to do a film on diabetes. Though Shashidhar makes a unique attempt in his debut, he falls short in making it a must watch. Though the main emphasis is on diabetes, the story starts only in the second half. The first half is just another routine boy meets girl story. The director brings in unnecessary gags to make people laugh, but fails badly in his attempt.

The twist comes in the form of diabetes during the pre interval and the actual story starts in the second half. Though the director has raised a concern, he has not given any emphasis on how to manage the disease or what can be done next? If he could have handled the film in a more sensitive manner, then it could have been a unique film.

If not for Prithvi Amber, the film would have nothing to offer. Prithvi is energetic and is a treat to watch. Priyanka Thimmesh has nothing much to do in the film. Supporting actors like Dattanna, Dharmanna, Padamaja Rao and others have given ample support. Music as well as background music by Anoop Seelin is catchy.

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