Review: Selfie Mummy finds a solution to the mobile addiction

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Starring: Srujan Lokesh, Meghana Raj, Achyuth Kumar, Dattanna, Girija Lokesh and others

Directed by: Madhuchandra

Produced by: Akashabutti Cinemas

Stars: 3

Director Madhuchandra is known for selecting different themes for each of his films. This time Madhuchandra has told a serious issue in a comic style in his latest film ‘Selfie Mummy Google Daddy’.

‘SMGD’ talks about the mobile addiction among the current generation. The film tells the story of Surya (Srujan Lokesh) and his cute family. While Surya is a workaholic, his wife his quite obsessed with selfies. His children are addicted to mobile games. There comes a stage when the family finds it difficult to come out of their mobile addiction. How does the family overcome their problems and what all the challenges they face are told in a humourous way.

The film is based on the observations and some real incidents. Finally, the film ends with a solution that it is not the children who should be treated, but the parents. As the parents are not finding enough time to spend with their children, the children are becoming addicts to mobile and internet. So, it is up to the parents to change the situation.

Though the concern of the makers is good, the film lacks the necessary punch at times. The film is entertaining in parts, but at times it looks like a documentary on mobile addiction. The film is actually overcrowded with a lot of problems and concerns. Technically, the film has nothing new to offer. The music and cinematography is ordinary. The film lacks pace which makes it boring at times.

However, it is the performances of the actors that keep the spirits of the film high. Srujan and Meghana steal the show with their performances. Dattanna, Achyuth Kumar, Girish Lokesh and others give adequate support.

‘SMGD’ is a good watch for the entire family, particularly the parents.

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