Review: ‘Physics Teacher’ is all about reality and illusions

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Film: Physics Teacher

Director: Sumukha

Starring: Sumukha, Prerana Kambam, Rajesh Nataranga, Mandya Ramesh and others

Stars: 3

Sumukha who had previously acted in films like ‘Yaana’, ‘Rajasthan Diaries’ and others has turned director with this week’s release ‘Physics Teacher’. The film talks about the fight between the physical and the psychological world.

The film is all about a lonely youth Badri (Sumukha) who works as a physics teacher. He is a rationalist and doesn’t believe anything which is illogical. He is of the firm decision that physics is the foundation of all and everything has a particular reason for it. Slowly he becomes a witness to some situations which can’t be expressed in mere words. Things go missing weirdly when he is not at his house. There are mysterious writings on the wall. He thinks that it is the work of some children. But is it simple enough? The answer has to be found in the theaters near you.

The film starts off in a simple style showing the life of a normal teacher who teaches physics to school students. Slowly the film gets complicated with unusual things happening in his life. The film is under 100 minutes and is a easy watch. Sumukha does not complicate the film much with unnecessary twists and turns. In fact, he could have made it clearer. Some sequences are not only confusing, but is not conveyed well.

Sumukha and Prerarana are good in their roles. Rajesh Nataranga and Mandya Ramesh add adequate support. The songs are humming and the cinematography cool.

‘Physics Teacher’ is not a routine commercial entertainer, but a different attempt. Watch it if you are a lover of content films.

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