Review: ‘Petromax’ is a blend of philosophy and entendre

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Film: Petromax

Producer: Sudhir K M

Director: Vijayaparasad

Starring: Satish Neenasam, Haripriya, Arun, Nagabhushan, Vijayalakshmi Singh, Karunya Ram and others

Stars: 3

Director Vijayaprasad is most famous for his double meaning dialogues. His previous films including ‘Neerdose’ and ‘Sidlingu’ in spite of being thought provoking films based on human relationships were successful only because of double entendre. His latest film ‘Petromax’ joins the bandwagon.

‘Petromax’ is a romantic comedy which revolves around four orphans played by Satish Neenasam, Arun, Nagabhushan and Karunya Ram. At one point of they have to leave the orphanage as they have become independent. The four set out to find a 3 bedroom house for themselves. What all happens in this process forms the crux of the film.

‘Petromax’ boasts of various socially relevant issues. But the director has tried to blend the seriousness with mischeavous (double meaning) dialogues and tries to make the audience laugh. He invests all efforts to make the audience laugh for single dialogue, shot and expression. The first half of the film is one hour in length and the director is very much successful in making it watchable.

The second half of the film becomes emotional with Vijayaprasad trying to explain about the strained relationship in the present digital society and how parents are becoming orphans in spite of having children. The emotional scenes are sure to make a section of the audience teary eyed.

One of the highlights of the film is the effortless acting by all the actors. Not only the lead actors, but the character artists including Vijayalakshmi Singh, K S Sridhar and others also has a lot of importance. Satish and Haripriya carries the film on their shoulders. Anoop Seelin’s background music adds to the humour of the film.

Vijayaprasad’s films are synonymous with humour and philosophy. The title ‘Petromax’ is itself has another meaning and denotes prostitution. Like the title, Vijayaprasad uses the film as a metaphor of life and light.

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