Review: ‘Lover 360’ is a film of a lover fighting all odds!

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Film: Love 360

Producer: Shashank Cinemass

Director: Shashank

Starring: Praveen, Rachana Inder, Gopalakrishna Deshapande, Kavya Shastry and others

Stars: 3

Cricketer AB De Villiers is called as ‘Mr 360’ because as a batsman his batsman covers every angle of the ground. He is said to be the main inspiration for Shashank for ‘Love 360’ which was released on Friday.

Like De Villiers, the protagonist in ‘Love 360’ loves and protects his lover in all angles and the film all about a lover who is fighting all odds to protect his girl.

‘Love 360’ tells the story of Ram (Praveen) and Jaanu (Rachana) who have grown up together in the same orphanage and are in love. Jaanu has memory issues and is suffering from Selective Memory Loss. She is termed as a lunatic in the society. However, Ram protects her everytime and sees to it that she is always happy. However, his dreams are shattered when Jaanu is arrested in the murder of her friend. Did Jannu really murder her? Or who is behind all this? form the crux of the story.

Shashank who is known for his love stories (including ‘Moggina Manassu’ and ‘Krishnan Love Story’) is back with a crime thriller for the very first time. This time he has not only introduced new talent, but also has set the film in coastal Karnataka. As said earlier, the film is about the pinnacle of love and tells about how far the hero goes to protect his love from evil.

‘Love 360’ is a simple love story and Shashank focuses more on the story telling rather than highlighting anything. In spite of introducing a new hero, he has not glorified him. The film has its share of commercial elements, but Shashank has seen to it that everything is realistic. The first half of the film is slow and the second half has a lot of twists and turns hereby making it an intriguing tale of love. There are some tense and emotional moments in the film. As said earlier, Shashank doesn’t glorify anything, but concentrates on telling the story of a lover.

One of the highlights of the film is the music and background music by Arjun Janya. Particularly, the ‘Jagave Neenu’ uplifts the film. Abhilash Kalathi’s cinematography is also good. Newcomer Praveen has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders and has done a good job in his first film. Rachana Inder has the innocence and cuteness required for the character. Gopalakrishna Deshapande, Danny Kuttappa, Kavya Shastri and others have done their bit.

‘Love 360’ is a onetime watch.

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