Review: ‘Kshamisi Nimma Kaatheyalli Hanavilla’ is fresh and pleasant

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Starring: Diganth, Aindrita Ray, Ranjani Raghavan, Vidya Murthy, Prakash Thumminadu and others

Directed by: Vinayaka Kodsara

Produced by: Silk Manju

Stars: 3

First things first. If you are an avid fan of action films and massy entertainers, then ‘Kshamisi Nimma Kaatheyalli Hanavilla’ is not a film for you. The film thrives purely on the content.

‘Kshamisi Nimma Kaatheyalli Hanavilla’ tells the story of Shankara (Diganth) who runs a fertilizer shop in a small village. He is not a spendthrift and thinks twice before spending a single penny. He happens to lose Rs.2300 over an online transaction. He complains to the bank authorities and when he does not get the refund, he tries to recover the money legally. Why does he take a drastic step for such a small amount? The answer is in the film.

‘KNKH’ is a content driven film, with a though provoking subject. The films tells the story of small time farmers, who largely depend upon their savings. It is this plot which makes the audience glued to the seats, in spite of film being a slow runner all the way.

The first half of the film has a love track between Shankara and Soumya (Ranjani Raghavan). The second half of the movie gets intense with Shankara fighting a case against the bank authorities. Though the film is slowly paced throughout, it is the local flavor and language which are the highlight of the film.

The film might not be a hit at the box-office, but all credit goes to director Vinayaka Kodsara for selecting such a subject, which has not been talked in Kannada cinema.

Diganth is perfect in the role of Shankara. After a long time, the actor in him can be seen in this film. Ranjani Raghavan and Aindrita Ray has nothing much to do. Vidya Murthy, Prakash Thumminadu, Satish Chandra and others do justice to their roles. Nandakishore’s cinematography and Prajwal Pai’s music is an added bonus.

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