Review: ‘HKGK’ is a feel good film with hearty laughs

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Film: Harikathe Alla Girikathe

Producer: Sandesh N

Director: Karan Ananth and Aniruddh Mahesh

Starring: Rishab Shetty, Thapaswini Poonacha, Rachana Inder, Honnavalli Krishna and others

Stars: 3

Rishab Shetty surely knows what the audience expects him as an actor. So far he is been successful in making them happy through his movies like ‘Bell Bottom’ and ‘Hero’. This week’s release is ‘Harikathe Alla Girikathe’ is another film which the audience may enjoy.

‘HKGK’ is a fun ride which promises good laughs throughout the film. The film is about a fictional story of real character’s son. Senior actor Honnavalli Krishna who has more than 1000 films to his credit plays a prominent character film. The film tells the fictional story of his son Giri (Rishab Shetty).

Giri like his father is a struggler in the world of cinema. He wants to direct a film, but none of the producers invest in his idea. Frustrated Giri wants to do something of his own. He is joined by an aspiring heroine and a villain whose name is also Giri. What all happens when three people of the same name come together to make a film forms the crux of the film.

The film is a mad caper with lots of fun moments in it. The story has a non-linear narrative. The story is told in flashbacks when the trio explains various versions of the story to an Inspector played by Pramod Shetty. The film is a take on how the film industry works and the struggles of various film aspirants. But it is all said in a humorous way, which makes it a onetime watch.

Rishab Shetty is at his best. His comic timing is one of the highlights of the film. Thapaswini Poonacha and Rachana Inder look beautiful. But they have to go a long way in terms of acting. Honnavalli Krishna and Pramod Shetty have done a good job.

Debutante directors Karan Ananth and Aniruddh Mahesh are promising. Music by Vasuki is good.

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