Review: ‘Gaalipata 2’ is a universal film which connects with the audience

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Film: Gaalipata 2

Producer: Ramesh Reddy

Director: Yogaraj Bhatt

Starring: Ganesh, Diganth, Pawan Kumar, Vaibhavi Shandilya, Sharmila Mandre, Ananth Nag, Nishvika Naidu, Rangayana Raghu, Sudha Belawadi and others

Stars: 3

‘Gaalipata 2’ is not a direct sequel to the original ‘Gaalipaata’ which was released in 2008, only for a few characters which have been retained from the original. Apart from that, Kite is used as a metaphor for freedom, happiness, hope etc. The sequel has all the above said aspects.

The film is a story of three youths set in two different time zones. Three youths namely Gani (Ganesh), Digi (Diganth) and Bhushan (Pawan Kumar) join a Kannada college in a place called as Neer Kote. The first half tells them about their love stories, pranks and what all does they do to woo their girlfriends. The first half closes with all the three stories ending in a bitter note.

In the second half of the film, the three friends meet again. This time they learn about the deteriorating health of their favourite Kannada teacher. They take him to Europe to find his son lost many years back. The girl friends of all the three join them in their journey. Will the relationships which had turned sour in the past end in a happy note forms the crux of the film.

The film revolves mainly around love and friendship. Like his previous films, Bhatt doesn’t have a strong story in his support. He has a few characters and some interesting incidents which he narrates for 140 minutes. The first half of the film is slow, but some humorous scenes entertain the audience. The film turns emotional in the second half and ends on a happy note.

Like his previous films, Bhatt is successful in connecting all sections of the audiences with a universal theme. Apart from love and friendship, there is a tale of a father and his lost son. Arjun Janya’s music and Santhosh Rai Pathaje’s cinematography adds a lot in lifting the film. Arjun Janya’s compositions including ‘Prayasha’, ‘Naanadada Maatelallava’ and ‘Devle Devle Devle’ will remain in the minds of the audience. Particularly, ‘Prayasha’ rendered by Sonu Nigam makes the audience cry. Santhosh Rai Pathaje not only makes the songs beautiful with his cinematography, but also makes the entire film a feast.

Ganesh is at his best in the film. His comic timing as well as sentimental turn is the highlight of the film. Diganth and Pawan lend adequate support. Ananth Nag’s portrayal as a teacher is very good. Rangayana Raghu, Sudha Belawadi justify their characters. All the three heroines look cute, but they don’t have much to do. ‘Gaalipata 2’ certainly has its share of ups and downs. But the film is sure a onetime watch.

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