Review: ‘Bhairagee’ is a mass entertainer with class elements

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Film: Bhairagee

Producer: Krishna Sarthak

Director: Vijay Milton

Starring: Shivarajkumar, Dhananjay, Prithvi Amber, Anjali, Yasha Shivakumar, Shashikumar and others

Stars: 3

There have been a lot of expectations surrounding ‘Bhairagee’ as it marks the return of Shivarajkumar and Dhananjay after ‘Tagaru’. The film is a mix of content plus mass elements and lives up to the expectations of Shivarajkumar’s fans.

Shivarajkumar plays the role of Huli Shiva an angry young man. He is sent to jail for various reasons. The jailor reforms him and makes him promise that he will never get angry in the future. The jailor also takes him to a new city where he is transferred. Shiva works in the police station doing odd jobs. He meets new friends called Karna (Dhananjay) and Vatapi (Prithvi Amber). He discovers new love in the form of a school teacher. Meanwhile, he also witnesses an unfortunate incident in which the Tiger in him awakens once again. What happens next forms the crux of the film.

‘Bhairagee’ is a remake of the director’s earlier Tamil film ‘Kadugu’. The film is a right mixture of mass elements and content. The director is successful in telling some important issues like sexual assault and rape in a sensitive manner. It is not the story about good or bad people, but situations which make them react in a good or bad way. Finally, it is conveyed that one can overcome the shades of evil, if they are truthful at heart.

Though there is some whistle worthy moments in the film, the film has its share of dull moments also. The first half has nothing much to offer. The film takes its pace only in the second half and has a lot of emotions. The makers bring in unnecessary scenes and songs which could not only have been avoided, but would have also shortened the length of the film.

Shivarajkumar as usual is the main attraction of the film. He is both class and mass in the film. While maintaining his mass image, he has given a restraint performance. Dhananjay plays a grey character that makes people sympathise with him in the climax. Prithvi Amber bring energy to the film with his performance. The talented Anjali has a powerful character, but looks dumb. Yasha has nothing to do in the film. Shashikumar, Sharath Lohitashwa provide ample support. Background music by Anoop Seelin and cinematography by Vijay Milton is good.

‘Bhairagee’ is a mass entertainer with some class elements. Is an one time easy watch.

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