Priyanka to save Government Schools in ‘Miss Nandini’

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Actress Priyanka Upendra for the very first time in her career has played the role of a school teacher in her forthcoming film ‘Miss Nandini’. The shooting for the film was concluded recently.

‘Miss Nandini’ is all about a teacher and her fight to protect Government Schools. The actress says it is a socially relevant film and when there is discussion about Government and Private schools, this film is very much apt for the present scenario.

‘I play a Primary School Teacher in this film. The film upholds the Government Schools and I play teacher who fight for the rights of children. Though my character looks soft, it is very strong. The message in the film is the need of the day. Though the subject looks fit for an art film, the director has narrated the film in an entertaining way and it is a good package film with lots of commercial elements’ says Priyanka Upendra.

Priyanka says she could not dub for the film for various reasons. ‘My ascent is not correct. I am working on it and I hope I will dub for my films in the future’ says Priyanka.

‘Miss Nandini’ is PAN Indian film to be released in six languages. Apart from Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi, the film is also being released in Bengali.

Senior actress Bhavya, Danny Kuttappa and others play prominent roles in the film. Gurudutt has scripted the film apart from directing it.

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