‘Premam Poojyam’ to have a sequel


‘Lovely Star’ Prem starrer ‘Premam Poojyam’ which was released in November got an appreciation from the audience for the making, but the film failed to make a big impact at the box-office. However, the film is slowly moving towards the 50 day mark. Meanwhile, director Raghavendra is all set to make a sequel for ‘Premam Poojyam’.

Though the film has not been officially announced, Raghavendra confirms of making the film. The director adds that the draft of the film is ready and he needs time for fine-tuning.

‘Premam Poojyam’ was a class film. However, the director says the sequel will be for both class and mass. Though the film has action and entertainment, the basic message of the film like the previous film will be the same. Raghavendra will be once again telling that ‘Love is Divine’, but this time with a different approach.

Raghavendra says the sequel will have a strong link from the first part and Prem will once again be the protagonist in the film. As of now the star cast is yet to be finalised and the director says that he will take up the film in a full fledged manner after it completes 50 days.

Earlier, there was a rumour that the film will be launched on Valentine ’s Day next year. However, Raghavendra rubbishes the rumour saying that he has not planned any date for the launch of the film and will decide only when the script is thoroughly complete.

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