‘Love You Abhi’ Review: A poor script, but a good start

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Film: Love You Abhi

Cast: Vikram Ravichandran, Aditi Prabhudeva, Ravishankar, Vinaya Prasad, Sundar Raj, Srinath, Rachita Mahalakshmi and others

Director: Kali Velayudham 

Producer: Kali Velayudham

‘Love You Abhi’ which was released in Jio Cinema boasts of the first Kannada web series made on a big budget and well known star cast. Though the 7 episode series cannot be termed as the best in the business, it sure is a good one to kick start with.

The series starts off with Abhi (Aditi Prabhudeva) and Shiva (Vikram) a businessman getting married. Abhi is a widow and is having a child from her husband who had died in a road accident a couple of years back. Though Abhi is not happy with the remarriage, she marries Shiva on the insistence of her parents.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating a series of accidents and finds out that Abhi’s first husband is not killed in an accident, instead is murdered. Abhi who had a fight with her husband due to various reasons on a couple of occasions becomes the prime suspect in her husband’s murder. Shiva who loves Abhi a lot tries to save her from the situation. What and who is the real reason behind the murder forms the rest of the series.

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‘Love You Abhi’ showcases a world of love, suspicion, betrayal and the quest for justice. The first episodes are quite slow and the plot takes time to develop. The series gains momentum only after the investigation starts and suspicion falls on Abhi. Though the series is intriguing and has many twists and turns, there are many unanswered questions which do not convince the audience. Though the series has enough stuff to make the audience watch the episodes back to back, more emphasis should have been given to the screenplay and writing. If not for a poor script, the series would have been much more promising.

The characters of Shiva and Abhi are plagued with mystery. Kudos to Vikram for selecting such a complex character in his second outing as an actor. The character has various shades and Vikram has tried to do justice to his role. But the actor has to concentrate and work a lot on his diction and mannerisms in future.

Aditi Prabhudeva looks beautiful and has given a decent performance. Ravishankar is at his best. The series boasts of an ensemble star cast including Ambika, Srinath, Sundar Raj, Vinaya Prasad, Rachita Mahalakshmi, Srinivasamurthy and others and every actor has done their bit efficiently.

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