‘Kotigobba 3’ release cancelled; Sudeep apologises to fans


Due to a serious tiff between the producer and the financier, Sudeep’s much expected film ‘Kotigobba 3’ which was supposed to hit the screens across Karnataka, has been postponed. The actor has apologized to his fans for the failure in the release and has requested his fans to not damage the theaters.

‘Kotigobba 3’ was launched in 2018 and was supposed to release last year. However, due to Covid and the lockdown the film’s release was delayed multiple of times and finally the film was scheduled to release on the 14th of October across Karnataka. However, the morning shows of the film were cancelled and the fans of the actor were very upset about this. There were reports that the upset fans have damaged theaters in some parts of Karnataka.

The real reason for the cancellation of the show is said to be a tiff between the producer and the financier and the producer has not paid the full amount to financier, for which the latter has not allowed the film to release in theaters. Slowly, by afternoon it was said that the film will not be releasing on Thursday and the release has been postponed to Friday. Sudeep has apologized to his fans in this regard. The actor issued a statement in social media and has requested his fans to not cause any damage to any properties (theaters) and has promised that he will ensure that his films won’t have such chaotic releases in the future.

Sudeep’s letter to his fans

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