Its Fake: Sudeep’s next is not ‘Namasthe Ghost’


From the last two days there is news circulating in the social media regarding Sudeep’s new film. The film is titled as ‘Namasthe Ghost’ and Sudeep is said to be playing a prominent role in the film. However, Sudeep’s closed ones say that it is fake news.

It all started a few days back when news of Sujeeth meeting Sudeep for a new film. Sujeeth of ‘Saaho’ fame had first met Sudeep in last year March and had talks about collaborating for a new film. The film is said to be produced by Zee Studios. Recently, the duo was said to have met again and had another round of talks. Though Sudeep is interested in this collaboration, nothing has been finalised about the project as Sujeeth is busy scripting the film. The film is likely to be announced officially once Sujeeth completes the script.

Meanwhile, someone has created a fake account in twitter in Sujeeth’s name and has released the poster of ‘Namasthe Ghost’. Fans of the actor who have been waiting for news from him about his new film were thrilled about this development. However, not everyone was convinced and when contacted the members of Sudeep’s team, they said that it is not only fake, but Sudeep would be signing his next film only after the completion of ‘Kabzaa’ and released of ‘Vikrant Rona’.

If everything goes as planned, ‘Kabzaa’ will be completed by mid-February and ‘Vikrant Rona’ will be releasing on 24th of February. So, Sudeep is expected to announce his next film only by March.

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