It’s a record! 10 Kannada films to release on 20th of May

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It’s raining releases in Sandalwood. In the first two weeks of May, 10 Kannada films have been released. But the third week is all set to mark a new record, with 10 Kannada films getting released on the same day.

Dhananjay’s ’21 Hours’, Manoranjan Ravichandran starrer ‘Prarambha’, Siddarth Mahesh’s ‘Garuda’, ‘Daari Yauvudayya Vaikuntake’, ‘Kandidi Nodona’, ‘Chakradhipathi’, ‘Saravajra’, ‘Anger’, ‘Cutting Shop’ and ‘Sakutamba Sametha’ are the films getting release on this Friday.

There would have been more releases this week. But films like ‘Kaaneyadavara Bagge Prakatane’ and Preethsu’ have been pushed further. So, only 10 films are finally hitting the screens this week. Of the 10 films except for ’21 Hours’, ‘Saravajra’ and ‘Prarambha’ most of the films star new newcomers. So, there is not much expectations about all these films.

Already eight films have been announced for release for next week. ‘Physics Teacher’, ‘Anjan’, ‘Dheeran’, ‘Kirik Shankar’, ‘Wheelchair Romeo’, ‘Seethayana’, ‘Kaaneyadavara Bagge Prakatane’ and Preethsu’ will be getting released on the 27th of May across Karnataka.

With so many films getting released in theaters, there is actually a dearth of audience because of heavy rains and IPL. In spite of it, many films are competing to get released. Which among the 10 will be able a hit in the box-office is yet to be seen in the coming days.

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