I want to make action films as long as people like it: Prashanth Neel

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Sandalwood’s most anticipated film ‘KGF 2’ is all set to release on the 14th of April. Prashanth Neel who has written and directed the film has given his eight years of life to this film. Prashanth is a man of few words. He not only avoids public appearances, but also interviews. But with few days to the film’s release, the director has spoken extensively about his film, his career and his style of film making.

The first part of ‘KGF’ was a huge hit. How apprehensive were you while scripting the sequel. Did you have to make changes according to the market demands?

Not really. While writing we had planned for two different parts. We had some best scenes for the sequel. While, we completed the first part, we were apprehensive about the outcome. But the film was a huge hit. But except for the inclusion of Rao Ramesh’s character in the film, we didn’t make any changes. We included the character only for the story and not for outer forces.

What do you think is the highlight of this film?

Of course the conflict. The first part of the film was the conflict between Rocky and Garuda. This time the conflict has become much bigger because KGF has become the most precious land on the earth. So, there are too many contenders now and the conflict has doubled. With politics also being an integral part, the story gets intense. Will Rocky succeed or not is yet to be seen.

Prashanth Neel has not tried any other genre except for action films. Is there any particular reason?

Well I grew up watching Hollywood action movies and I am very much inspired by such films. This genre of films drew me to cinema. There was a vaccum for such films a few years back. When people liked ‘Ugram’, ‘KGF’ also happened. I want to make such films as long as people like it. When everybody tries the same genre, then I may shift.

When can we expect Prashanth Neel to do another Kannada film as he is busy with back to back Telugu films in the coming years?

I have chosen some good projects for my career. In fact, they approached me to direct films and I did not approach anybody for an opportunity. I think about my career anything else. I have got some better offers and it is to enhance my career.

Will ‘KGF’ franchise continue in the future?

Well let’s see. The question can only be answered after the 14th of April. ‘KGF’ definitely has a franchise value like the ‘Avengers’. We can’t rule out the possibility, but everything depends upon the success of ‘KGF 2’.

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