I am bored with only acting and my focus in on cinema making: Rakshit

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It’s been three years since a film of Rakshit Shetty has been released. His last release was ‘Avane Srimannarayana’ which did not do well at box-office. Now the actor is back with a new film ‘777 Charlie. The trailer of the film has been released recently and is much appreciated by the audience. So, what does Rakshit have to say about the film? Here is an interview of the actor-director where he speaks his heart out about the film as well as his journey.

Q) ‘777 Charlie’ has become the most anticipated of the year. What do you have to say about the film?

‘Ulidavaru Kandanthe’ was my innocence. ‘Kirik Party’ was my need’. ‘Avane Srimannarayana’ was a learning experience. With ‘777 Charlie’ I have come a full circle. I have learnt a lot from this film. I have learnt a lot from a man who was my associate. I can explain my previous journeys logically. I can’t explain this journey because this has been an emotional one. I can’t explain what I learnt from this film. Even if I explain it can’t be understood.

Q) You are a director also. What were the inputs or what was your participation apart from being an actor?

Frankly speaking, I didn’t involve much in this film. When I signed this film, I was in the process of understanding myself. So, I completely surrendered to Kiran. I have done whatever he has said and I have not used my brains for this film. This is completely his film. I liked his passion and dedication. It’s madness. I am curious about what all films he makes in the future.

Q) Will the legacy of ‘777 Charlie’ continue?

In fact, Kiran Raj asked me whether we could continue ‘777 Charlie’ with another part. It’s difficult to act with an animal as it is very challenging and time consuming. As of now I have other commitments and can’t continue with ‘777 Charlie’.

Q) ‘ASN’ was a PAN Indian film. ‘777 Charlie’ is also a PAN Indian film. Now that you have a good fan base in other states, how are the offers from other languages?

After ‘Avane Srimannaryana’ I have got a lot of offers. But I have not accepted any films because I already have a lineup of films. After ’777 Charlie’, ‘Saptha Sagaradaache Ello’ will release. It will be followed by ‘Richard Anthony’, ‘Kirik Party 2’ and ‘Punyakoti’. I won’t accept any other films. In fact, I won’t listen to any other stories because my plate is full for now.

Q) When can we expect Rakshit back to direction?

I have not directed a film for the last 10 years. My dream is to sit on the director’s chair now. Once seated, I won’t get up for some time. I love to direct some more films. I am bored with only acting and my focus is more on cinema making. In the last six years, I have done only two films. From now on I will do more films.

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