Guruprasad back with ‘Mata’ once again!

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Actor-director Guruprasad is known for his iconic film ‘Mata’ which was released in 2006. Now after 16 years, Guruprasad is back with a new film called ‘Mata’.

‘Mata’ has nothing to do with the previous ‘Mata’ and is written and directed by Ravindra Vemshi of ‘Putani Safari’ fame. The film is based on some real incidents and the shooting for the film is complete.

One of the highlights of this film is 82 artists including Guruprasad, Tabla Nani, Mandya Ramesh, Biradar and others play prominent roles in the film. Apart from that, the film has been shot in 25 districts across Karnataka.

‘After ‘Mata’, many advised me to do a sequel of the film. But I didn’t want to do a sequel. This is a different film with the same name. I am just an actor here. I have played a role of a seer in this film’ said Guruprasad.

Sadhu Kokila says that this film is very special to him. ‘I have acted in more than 600 films in my career. I had acted in the previous ‘Mata’. I had acted in only two scenes. But the film was a hit. Though this film has a same name, it has nothing to do with the previous film. There is no hero in this film. All the characters have prominence. I play the role of a seer here. My role tells how a man becomes a saint through his deeds’ says Sadhu Kokila.

Ravindra Vemshi says without Guruprasad, the film would have been incomplete. ‘The Title is very apt for the film. He not only gave us the title, but also has played a prominent role in the film’ says Vemshi.

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