Guruprasad back with ‘Eddelu Manjunatha 2’

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Ace director Guruprasad who is known for his films like ‘Mata’, ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ and others is back with a new film called ‘Eddelu Manjunatha 2’. Guruprasad has silently completed the film and is all set to release the film soon.

Guruprasad says ‘Eddelu Manjunatha 2’ is not a sequel of his hit film ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’, which was released 13 years back. The film had Jaggesh playing the lead role of the lazy Manjunatha. Though the film was a hit at the box-office, there was major fallout between Jaggesh and Guruprasad. Now the duo is back with another film called ‘Ranganayaka’ which is almost near completion.

‘Eddelu Manjunatha 2’ is a crime comedy says Guruprasad. ‘Crime films usually have murder and bloodshed. But this is a comedy based on a crime. I have played the lead role apart from scripting the film and directing it.

Apart from Guruprasad, Rachita Mahalakshmi and senior actor Sharath Lohitahwa also play prominent roles in the film. Samrat Ashok is the cinematographer, while Anoop Seelin is the music composer. Guruprasad plans to release ‘Eddelu Manjunatha 2’ first which is almost completing the post-production, followed by ‘Ranganayaka’.

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