Dr K Sudhakar plays his real life role in ‘Tanuja’

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Dr K Sudhakar, Minister of Health and Family Welfare and Minister of Medical Education recently acted in a new film called ‘Tanuja’ being directed by Harish M D Halli.

‘Tanuja’ is a film based on some real incidents which occurred in Karnataka a couple of years back. A girl called Tanuja expressed her inability to write NEET Exams during the Covid period. Well known journalist Vishweshwara Bhatt and Pradeep Eshwar brought this incident to the Government’s notice and helped her travel 350 Kms to write the exams. This incident grabbed the headlines two years back and ‘Tanuja’ is being made based on this incident.

Karnataka’s former Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa who played a pivotal role in helping Tanuja writing the exams had acted himself in the film a few days back. Now Dr K Sudhakar has also acted as himself in the film.

Saptha Pavooru who played a prominent role in ‘Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shaale’ directed by Rishab Shetty is seen in the titular role in this film. Apart from Saptha, Rajesh Nataranga, Kailash, Sandhya Arakere and others play prominent roles in the film. ‘Tanuja’ is being produced by Beyond Vision Cinemas and is written and directed by Harish M D Halli. Ravindranath is the cinematographer, while Pradyottan is in charge of music.

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