Director Shashank wants to do ‘Moggina Manassu 2’

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Sandalwood director Shashank is currently busy with his the release of his latest film ‘Love 360’. Meanwhile, the director wants to do the second part of his hit film ‘Moggina Manassu’.

‘Moggina Manassu’ was released 14 years back and the film gave a big break to Yash, Radhika Pandith, Shubha Poonja and others. Shashank introduced many newcomers through that film and the film is one of the landmark film of Kannada cinema. Now Shashank wants to continue the film with another part.

Speaking during the 14th anniversary of the film, ‘I want to do ‘Moggina Manassu 2’ in the coming days. This film will not be a continuation of that film, but a film about the current generation. The original film talked about the mindset of the youth during that time. Now I want to tell a story of the mindset of the youth now. Like the previous film, this film also star a lot of newcomers’ says Shashank.

Though ‘Moggina Manassu’ had a lot of newcomers, the film was not an easy film says Shashank. ‘Usha Kiran Movies was supposed to produce that film. However, they backed out due to the budget. The film required a lot of budget and E Krishnappa came over as the producer. If he had not shown the will to spend on that film, the film would not have been made at all. Now also the film requires a big budget, which I cannot afford immediately. If I get good returns from ‘Love 360’ or if If get a good producer like E Krishnappa then I may do the film’ says Shashank.

Shashank has already completed ‘Love 360’ and is waiting for the release of the film. After ‘Love 360’ he has already announced a new film starring ‘Darling’ Krishna in lead role.

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