Dhananjay to produce 2 films every year from Daali Pictures

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Sandalwood actor Dhananjay celebrated his birthday on Tuesday. Meanwhile, an important announcement has been made from his Daali Pictures production house.

The production house has announced that it will be producing two films every year; one of them will be solely dedicated to newcomers.

‘Having gone through the tough route himself, who better than Dhananjaya himself and his company Daali Pictures to try and make the path easier for new entrants. We are hereby announcing that Daali Pictures is giving a full commitment to producing two films every year. Most importantly, one of them will be solely dedicated to the debutants / newcomers’ read the announcement.

Dhananjay started his production house Daali Pictures with ‘Badava Rascal’. The film went on to become a great hit at the box-office. Currently, Dhananjay is producing ‘Head Bush’ from his production house. As of now no other ventures has been announced from Daali Pictures and a couple of films is expected to be announced soon. Meanwhile, the actor is currently shooting for ‘Hoysala’ after which he will be moving on to ‘Pushpa 2’ and ‘Uttarakaanda’.

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