Dhananjay releases the first poster of Naveen Shankar’s ‘Kshetrapathi’

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Naveen Shankar who shot to fame with ‘Gultoo’ has silently completed a new film called ‘Kshetrapathi’. Recently, the first look poster of the film was released by actor-producer Dolly Dhananjay on Naveen’s by Dolly Dhananjay.

The film is being written and directed by Srikanth Katagi. Srikanth was working in a private company before making his debut to Kannada cinema. The director says he wrote the story a few years back. ‘I became a fan of Naveen after watching ‘Gultoo’. I met him and told him the story, which he was very much impressed with. He immediately gave his nod to act in the film’ says Srikanth.

‘Kshetrapathi’ is a synonym to farmers and talks about the various problems the farmers are suffering from. ‘In Sanskrit there are 21 synonyms for the word farmer. ‘Kshetrapathi’ is also one of them. This is a story about an educated farmer. Naveen who plays a software engineer in the film, comes to farming due to various reasons. What happens forms the crux of the film. This is also a story of a father and son. We have shot the film in and around Gadag’ says Srikanth.

Naveen Shankar plays the role of Basava in this film. ‘An incident changes his normal life and what all challenges he faces is the story. It was my dream to do such a role and that’s when Srikanth came up with this story’ says Naveen.

‘Kshetrapathi’ stars Archana Jois play journalist. Rahul Ainapura is the antagonist. Ravi Basrur is the music director, while YBV Shiva Sagar is the cinematographer.

The film is produced by Sachin Patil, Praveena Ravindra Kulkarni, Sharath Gumasthe and others.

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