Darshan’s new film to be launched on Varamhalakshmi festival

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‘Challenging Star’ Darshan is busy dubbing his portions for his latest film ‘Kranti’. Meanwhile, his new film with Tharun Sudhir’ is all set to be launched on the Varamhalakshmi festival.

Varamahalakshmi festival is celebrated in a grand style in Karnataka and many new films are usually launched on that auspicious day. This year Darshan’s ‘Kaatera’ is said to be launched on the festival day. Though the details about the locations and timings are not available, the launch will be held in a grand style on that day.

‘Kaatera’ is being produced by Rockline Venkatesth. Earlier, Rockline had started a historical film called ‘Rajaveera Madakari Nayaka’ for Darshan. After a few days of film, lockdown was imposed because of Corona and the film went to cold storage from then on. Now Rockline is producing another in the direction of Tharun Sudhir. This will be  Darshan and Tharun’s third film together after ‘Chowka’ and ‘Robert’.

The first theme poster of the film was launched during Darshan’s birthday earlier this year. The theme poster showcases a guard dog leading a flock of sheep. Though nothing much has been revealed about the film, the poster subtly tells that Darshan plays a savior who protects the downtrodden.

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