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A compelling memoir penned by Nicole Walters, the daughter of Ghanaian immigrants, who ascended to self-made multi-millionaire status by empowering others to recognize their inner strengths. Her narrative unfolds a riveting journey, ultimately revealing that she held the key to the life of her dreams all along.
Nothing Is Missing is a riveting, unputdownable story of what it takes to show up for yourself—and the joy that can come once you do. Raised in a home where food was unstable and anger was the norm, Nicole learned early that she needed to take charge of her own safety and security. So she did: She got into an elite private school by talking to a stranger in her dad’s cab, she strategized her way onto Wheel of Fortune to pay for college, she adopted three girls after meeting their panhandling mother, she quit her job to launch her own business, and she struggled.
Endlessly hustling for society’s definition of success left Nicole exhausted and compromised her self-worth. This led to a health crisis that shook her life and family. A significant turning point made her realize she was already enough. In “Nothing Is Missing,” Nicole reflects on creating her desired life by unleashing her inner strength.
Nicole Walters is a former top-selling corporate executive who quit her six-figure sales job in front of ten thousand people, took what she knew, and built a million-dollar business in one short year. Now the host of a popular podcast, running a multi-million dollar business, and in-demand motivational speaker, Nicole is passionate about teaching everyday entrepreneurs how to own their power and trust they already have everything that they need to succeed.
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“I couldn’t decide if I wanted to weep on the floor for such a tender retelling or demand through a megaphone that every woman I know read this. The best endorsement I can give is this: I will immediately put this book in my daughters’ hands.”