‘Antha’ was dubbed into 12 languages says Rajendra Singh Babu

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Veteran director Rajendra Singh Babu has said that PAN Indian culture is not new and many of his films have been previously dubbed into other languages, with ‘Antha’ dubbed to 12 languages.

The director of acclaimed films like ‘Antha’, ‘Muttina Haara’, ‘Bandhana’ and others were speaking during the press conference of his latest film ‘Veera Kambala’.

Off late, there is a trend of Pan Indian films in India. Particularly, after ‘Baahubali’ the trend started and many of the big budget films in various languages are made to suit the audience across India. But Babu says that this culture is not new and many of his films have been dubbed to various languages.

‘Most of my films have been dubbed to various languages. ‘Nagarahole’ was dubbed to eight languages. Ambarish starrer ‘Antha’ was dubbed to 12 languages, ‘Ganda Bherunda’ to six and ‘Bandhana’ to four languages. Earlier, a film was dubbed after it became a hit. Now the film is being dubbed and released simultaneously. Many makers are doing new experiments’ says Rajendra Singh Babu.

Babu’s latest film ‘Veera Kambala’ is also a Pan Indian film to be released in Kannada, Tulu, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam. The film is being produced by Arun Rai Thodar under AR Productioins. Vijay Kumar Kodialbail has written the story, screenplay and dialogues for the film.

‘Veera Kambala’ stars Prakash Rai, Ravishankar, Aditya, Radhika Narayan, Usha Bhandari, Naveen Padil, Gopinath Bhatt, Rajashekhar Kotyan and others. R Giri is the cinematographer, while Manikanth Kadri has composed the music.

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