Aniruddh thrown out of Zee Kannada’s popular serial ‘Jothe Jotheyali’

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Well known actor and Dr Vishnuvardhan’s son-in-law Aniruddh Jatkar has been thrown out of Zee Kannada’s popular serial ‘Jothe Jotheyali’ for throwing tantrums on sets.

Aniruddh who made his debut as an actor two decades ago acted in many films as a hero. However, after sometime he couldn’t get offers and he took a sabbatical from acting for few years to make a return with ‘Jothe Jotheyali. Aniruddh reprised the role of Aryavardhan in this hugely popular television serial.

The serial which was launched three years ago topped the TRP charts. The actors became household names. However, there were complaints about the actors throwing tantrums on the sets. Actress Megha Shetty was thrown out of the serial last year for her behavior, but was back on sets after she apologized. Now Aniruddh has been thrown out of the serial after he fought with the episode director regarding a scene.

Speaking about the ouster of Aniruddh from the serial, Aarur Jagadish the producer and director of the serial has said that he has faced a lot of problems and losses because of Aniruddh. ‘Everything was running smoothly in the beginning. However, after the serial gained a lot of popularity, there were a lot of changes in him. He started throwing tantrums in sets. He wanted to control the whole set and often quarreled with technicians. He used to take a lot of retakes. He made a lot of changes in the scenes. He often threatened to walk out of the sets, if his demands are not met. He fought with the episode director recently and it’s high time we took action. He is not a part of the serial anymore’ says Jagadish.

Aniruddh says this all happened because of his urge to make the serial much better. ‘There were lots of disagreements from the beginning. I don’t know why they blew this out of proportion now. They have been changing the storyline for some time now. They changed my character to a negative character, for which my fans were upset. I had asked them to give me the scene papers prior in advance as I could get ready for the scenes. But it was never followed properly. When asked about all this, they have created problems’ said Aniruddh.

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