Aniruddh ready to act in ‘Jothe Jotheyali’ again if invited

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Aniruddh Jatkar who has made his exit from Zee Kannada’s ‘Jothe Jotheyali’ is ready to be a part of the team again. The actor says he is ready to act in the serial again if invited by makers.

Aniruddh was recently thrown out of out of ‘Jothe Jotheyali’ for throwing tantrums on sets. Aarur Jagadish the producer and director of the serial has said that he has faced a lot of problems and incurred losses because of Aniruddh. He had even complained about Aniruddh’s behavior to Karnataka TV Producers Association for which the Association has decided to ban the actor for two years.

When asked about Aniruddh’s future course of action, Aniruddh says he is ready to be a part of the team. ‘After all this, if they call me I will definitely go and act in the serial. As an actor it is my responsibility to complete my job. It is my responsibility towards my work, towards my fans. I have taken up a job and I have to complete it. I know it is not easy to work with them again. But still I am ready if I am invited by them’ says Aniruddh.

The actor says he will not compromise and question the makers if need arises. ‘I am ready to be a part of the serial. But tomorrow, it they mess up the story or if I don’t find anything right, then I will question them once again. I will not compromise and shake my head to please them’ says Aniruddh firmly.

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