Ajith Jayaraj files a complaint against Dhananjay in KFCC

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Actor Ajith Jayaraj has filed a complaint against actor-producer Dolly Dhananjay in the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce for making a film on his father Jayaraj who was a former don of Bangalore.

Dhananjay has recently completed the shooting of his latest film ‘Head Bush’ in Bangalore. The film is a periodic thriller set in the 1980s and revolves around Bangalore’s former don M P Jayaraj. Dhananjay apart from producing the film has also played the role of Jayaraj in the film.

Ajith has filed a complaint in the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce saying that the makers have not taken permission from his family. Ajith is of the opinion that the makers might wrongly project his father in the film. So, they should have taken permission from him and his family.

Ajith has released a video regarding this after filing the complaint. ‘I knew that Dhananjay was making a film on my father. I tried to contact him regarding this. But I didn’t get any response from his side. The recently released trailer projects my father in a wrong way. So, I decided to file a complaint at the KFCC’ said Ajith.

The actor says that if he doesn’t get justice, he has to opt the legal way. ‘My father is no more. But his family is there. People who haven’t seen him or heard about him are talking about badly about him. This has upset me very badly. If I won’t get justice, then I have to fight it out legally’ said Ajith.

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