Aditya plays Don Muttappa Rai’s role in ‘Veera Kambala’?

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Sandalwood actor Aditya is always known for his underworld films. Right from ‘Deadly Soma’ to ‘Bangalore Underworld’, the actor has acted as a gangster in many of his films.

Now Aditya has played a gangster yet again in a new film called ‘Veera Kambala’. The character is said to be based on a real life gangster. Though the actor doesn’t divulge any details about who he is, he simply says he wanted to do the role for a long time.

‘Though I try to stay away from underworld films, I get a lot of offers to act in underworld based films. Here also I play a gangster in the film, but I don’t have the permission to reveal his name. But I wanted to act in that role for some time. Now my dream has come to a reality. The crew members were really astonished to see me in that getup. I look very similar to him’ says Aditya.

Though Aditya doesn’t divulge any details about who the gangster is, sources from the film say that his character is based on late Don Muttappa Rai. Kambala is a traditional buffalo race held in the Karavali region of Karnataka and Muttappa Rai is known for sponsoring and organizing many events. So, his character has been included in the film.

‘Veera Kambala’ is being directed by Aditya’s father and veteran director Rajendra Singh Babu. The shooting for the film is almost complete and the film is expected to be released by October this year.

Apart from Aditya, Radhika Narayan plays the role of Police Commissioner in the film. Gopinath Bhatt, Bhojaraja Vamanjooru, Aravind Bolar and others play prominent roles in the film. The film is being produced by Arun Rai and the film is simultaneously made in Kannada and Tulu.

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