9 Kannada films including ‘Varada’ and ‘By2 Love’ on 18th Feb

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Nine Kannada films including Vinod Prabhakar’s ‘Varada’ and Dhanveerah’s ‘By2 Love’ are all set to release on the 18th of February across Karnataka.

With Corona cases slowing down and the Government giving permission to screen films to 100 percent of occupancy in theaters, many teams have been rushing to release their films as they have been waiting for a long time. Last week six films got released. This time, the number amounts to nine.

As said earlier, Vinod Prabhakar’s ‘Varada’ and Dhanveerah’s ‘By2 Love’ are some of the anticipated films to release this week along with ‘Bhavachitra’, ‘Maharowdram’, ‘Gilki’, ‘Bahukrutha Vesham’, ‘Garudaksha’ and ‘Dhokha Dosthi’ are the films that are getting released this week.

While these eight films will be directly released in theaters, Likith Shetty’s ‘Family Pack’ has already been directly released in Amazon Prime on Wednesday night, which makes the count to nine.

Apart from these films, ‘Majestic which was released 20 years back is also getting released this week in many theaters across Karnataka. The film was a launch vehicle for ‘Challenging Star’ Darshan as hero and the team is now releasing the film in new technology.

Next week also in spite of huge competition from other language films, as many as five Kannada films including ‘Ek Love Ya’ and ‘Old Monk’ are getting released on the 25th of February.

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