10 films released on May 20th bomb badly at the box-office

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The 20th of May witnessed a record number of 10 Kannada films release on the same day. The saddest part is none of the films performed well at the box-office and have failed very badly.

Dhananjay starrer ’21 Hours’, Manoranjan Ravichandran’s ‘Prarambha’, Siddarth Mahesh’s ‘Garuda’, ‘Daari Yauvudayya Vaikuntake’, ‘Kandidi Nodona’, ‘Chakradhipathi’, ‘Saravajra’, ‘Anger’, ‘Cutting Shop’ and ‘Sakutamba Sametha’ were the films released on Friday.

Out of the 10, ’21 Hours’ and ‘Sakutumba Sametha’ have proved safe to the producers. The satellite and digital rights of both the films have been sold and the producers are safe even before the release of the films. ‘Sakutumba Sametha’ producer Rakshit Shetty in a press conference had admitted that he is safe before the release of the film.

However, when it comes to theaters, there is a lack of audience due to various reasons. There were speculations, that of the 10 films, at least ’21 Hours’ might attract the audience. Dhananjay’s last film ‘Badava Rascal’ which was released last year was a huge hit and the actor is currently the darling of masses. However, in spite of good reviews from general public, the film is running to almost empty shows all over Karnataka.

Of the 10 films except for ’21 Hours’, ‘Saravajra’ and ‘Prarambha’ the other films star entirely new newcomers. So, there were not many expectations about those films. The expectations have proved right and not only newcomers, but films of established actors have also proved to be disasters.

Not only the 10 films which were released on the 20th of May, but the films which were released before that also could not garner the attention of the audience. ‘KGF 2’ which was released on the 14th of April, is the last film in Kannada to become a blockbuster and after that more than 20 films have been released in the last one and a half months and all the films in spite of some getting appreciation from the masses have also flopped at the box-office.

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